15 years of lugging camera gear around, fettling curtains and throwing throws, and of course pondering the age old question: to chop or not to chop...
Out in the field, literally
That conversation between the camera and the subject can sometimes be a nice, easy going chat, where great photographs fall effortlessly in the lens. But more often than not, it's a discussion between light and shadow, objects and angles, with certain elements shouting too loudly, and others barely just a whisper. Achieving a creative balance between all elements is part of the craft I particularly enjoy. With each image conceived in this way, I aim to produce beautiful, elegant, high quality images that elevate the original vision, and emphasise the clean, symmetrical lines and contrasting textures that inspire me.
Just recently relocated to Bath, but working in London, all around the UK and occasionally elsewhere, I count myself incredibly lucky to have spent over 15 years photographing architecture and interiors for a pretty awesome collection of highly creative and industry leading people, including award winning architects, designers and national publications.

There's always room for new friends, so if you are looking to have a project captured or just to check rates, drop me a line.